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Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to partnering with MaxVera for your white label and private label needs.

What Is A White Label?

A white label product is a product that we will manufacture and send to you WITHOUT a label. You would then put your brands label on the product before selling it to your customers.

What Is A Private Label?

A private label product is a product that we will manufacture and send to you WITH your brand label already adhered to the product.

Do We Send Samples?


Do We Offer COA’s?

Absolutely! We will send out a COA on all orders. We also put a QR code on our bottles that links to the COA for that particular batch.

What Products Do We Offer?

We offer some of the highest grade CBD Tinctures, CBD Soft Gels, CBD Gummies, CBD Sports Creams, CBD Sleep Aids, CBD For Pets, along with other amazing CBD products.

What is NanoZorb™?

NanoZorb™ is our trademarked nano emulsification process. We believe through much science and testing, that this is the best way to absorb supplements and nutrients.

Why Do I Need NanoZorb™?

Studies have shown that less than half of all dietary supplements are absorbed by the human body. Additionally, some nutrients, such as resveratrol, curcumin, glutathione and cannabinoids are not very bioavailable. These nutrients, though highly beneficial as proven by “In-vitro” clinical studies, can now be utilized “in-vivo” when you create nanoparticles out of them thus allowing them to be absorbed at nearly 90%..

Why Is Nano CBD So Important?

We are glad you asked! With all of the incredible health benefits of CBD, the truth behind the science is that much if not most of the CBD ingested is not even bio-available. Studies are now showing that pure CBD in its common form is only 18% absorbable. Our nano CBD, according to lab test are showing almost 90% absorption. With nano emulsifying the particle size, we can now absorb more of the life-changing compound and not waste the rest.

Do We Sell NON-NANO CBD Products?


Do Our Products Contain THC?


What Is The Shelf Life Of Our CBD?

Roughly 2 years.

Are Our CBD Products Organic?

Whenever possible yes.

What Methods Of Extraction Do We Use?

Co2 And Ethanol.

Can We Take Special Formulations?

Yes with minimus. Please talk with a MaxVera Representative for more information.

Is There Special Pricing For Special Formulations?


What Is The Lead Time On Orders?

Private Label orders are 1-2 weeks lead time. White Label orders are 1 week or less as long as we are in stock. Custom Formulation are 6-8 weeks.

What Is The Minimum Order For A Private Label?

100 minimum Per SKU.

What Is The Minimum Order For A White Label?

50 minimum Per SKU.

What Is The Minimum Order For Our House Brand?


What Are The Payment Requirements?

Payment is due once order is made.

Do We Ship Directly To Our Clients Customers?

Not at this time.

Do We Offer Marketing Material?

Yes! Our design and branding team has drafted up some amazing marketing material that your company can put their logo on and have full rights to use.

Do We Offer Label Design/Production?

Yes! We have a team of designers that can make your brand look its best.

What Is Lead Time On Label Design And Production?

One to two weeks.

What Is Our Return Policy?

Thirty-day return policy. Just send the unused products back to us and we will refund you the money.

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