The NanoZorb™ Difference

Invented with scientists from MIT and our in-house chief scientist, we have built from the ground up, a revolutionary three-stage nanoparticle processor that ensures a lipid bond for cellular recognition. Our proprietary process and formulation ensure superior stability and particle size at 100 – 150 nanometers.


The NanoZorb™ technology provides a superior method for enhanced solubilization of various compounds (a process which increases the dissolution rate of poorly soluble ingredients) and reduces micron-sized compounds to nano-particles (miniaturization). The nano-particles are then stabilized against agglomeration by surface absorption of selected GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) stabilizers along with other trade secrets that have been developed. The result of this revolutionary processing technique is a dispersible liquid nano-suspension of various substances, which dramatically improves stability, along with dispersion and absorption properties. These then can be processed into finished dosage forms for multiple routes of administration.


This NanoZorb™ product formulation process is a cold process. It allows a formulation to pass through fixed-geometry micro channels within its unique interaction chamber. As a result, the product stream accelerates to high velocities (faster than the speed of sound to 1500 ft/sec for 3-5 nanoseconds); creating shear rates within the product stream that are orders of magnitude greater than any other conventional means. Our products experience identical processing conditions, producing the desired results, including: uniform particle and NanoZorb™ reduction. This is achieved without excessive heat or breaking any chemical bonds (i.e. mimic shear from chewing).


NanoZorb chart that is different from other cbd brands
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NanoZorb™ Increases bioavailability
NanoZorb™ Increases stability and shelf life
NanoZorb™ Has a proven particle size to the nanometer
NanoZorb™ Increases cellular penetration, activity & function
NanoZorb™ Offers minimized taxation to the liver and kidneys

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