Complete Omega

One of the most important supplements you can put in your body are Omega 3’s. Omega 3 oils are used to promote healthy bones, hair, and skin. And with our nano emulsification process, you can be sure to absorb our Omega 3’s at a much higher rate.


Offcuts that would otherwise have been waste or animal feed are used for premium quality oil for human consumption reduces pressure on wild catch.


The safety of a vertically integrated supply chain Every batch of material can be traced right back to continuous process improvement.

High-Grade Nano Emulsified Omega 3

Complete Omega is the freshest Norwegian salmon oil available on the market today. It is produced in Norway using the purest process possible. The oil is gently liberated from salmon offcuts free of contaminants, with practically no taste and odor and the best clinical results.

Taking one Complete Omega capsule a day is the same as eating two medium-sized (3 oz) salmon fillets* per week. * One to two 3 oz fillets per week of fatty fish as recommended by the Harvard School of Public Health.

At MaxVera We Only Used The Highest Grade Sources For Our Supplements


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