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We are only a few steps away from sending you the product(s) you ordered but we need your formal approval before we go for print with your image(s) and/or file(s). Please use the form below and make sure that you give us all the required information. For the sake of thoroughness and making it easy on our clients, we’ve also included a simple check list of items that we ask you “mark” and “check” before submitting this form to us.

Client Approval Form for Printing
Please use the form below to approve or change your printing order with MaxVera. Thank you!
Please tell us who manages your project/account at MaxVera.
If you have project number, please use it. Otherwise a short description of your printing order will be enough.
If you need to speak with one of our account executives and/or if it will take a longer explanation for necessary changes, please call or email before submitting this form. However, if you need us to correct typos or make small changes, you can use this field to communicate with us.
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