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With life-changing products, hard work and our history of success, MaxVera looks forward to giving your brand its best chance it can to succeed.


We produce some of the world’s finest nutriceuticals and distribute our products to some of the leading brands across USA, Asia, Europe & South America. We represent some of the highest quality manufacturers, and health and wellness entrepreneurs in the world both large and small.


We Own Our Manufacturing Facility

We believe that in such a competitive market such as CBD, it’s very important to not only know your supplier but also know the manufacturer. At MaxVera, we are both suppliers and manufacturers. You will get top-grade Nano CBD products directly from the laboratory, not through a line of go-betweens.

Our Goal Is To Help Our Clients Achieve Their Goals. We Do This By Giving Them The Tools And Resources They Need To Succeed. At MaxVera, We Only Win When You Do.

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